Partner dealerships

High-end vehicle dealerships have a responsibility to their customers for the service provided. In order to achieve and maintain clients’ satisfaction, they usually have a built-in mechanic shop. Whether it be for regular vehicle maintenance or mechanic repairs, clients know that they can trust their dealership advisor. But what about body shop repairs? Dealers often do not have a body shop in their premises and instead refer their clients to certified centres. This is where Europa's partnership with several renowned dealers comes from.

Automobile professionals recognize the superior value of the service rendered by Europa and its commitment to always go beyond the expectations of customers.

If these dealers trust Europa to repair the bodywork of their customers' vehicles, why would you not take advantage of all its expertise when it comes to having your vehicle repaired?

Europa is proud to announce a partnership with Groupe Lauzon: the Quebec auto giant now recognizes Europa as its preferred body shop. Every Lauzon client is thus invited to direct their damaged vehicle to Europa.

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