Quality at work

Every vehicle that enters the shop at Europa is taken care of by our team of technicians specialized in luxury car reparation. It is this same team that will be involved in making the complete repair of each vehicle. Our shop is designed in ways that every workstation is strategically positioned in order to facilitate the complete repair process. We want to avoid any car movements that would increase the risks and reduce the effectiveness of our work.

Europa offers services such as regular and paintless dent repair, glass replacement, paintjob with color match and finish works. Whether it is to repair major damages caused by a road accident, or simply restore your car’s luster, you will find the perfect fit with Europa.


We give every client’s vehicle a special treatment, and our technicians always work with the same rigor on every car. Because we want to hand over your vehicle in the best possible condition, each one of them is washed inside out. We even take care of the rims and glasses! The floor will be vacuumed and the rest of the interior will be cleaned so that there is no dust residue resulting from the work. Finally, every part repaired or changed is polished and waxed so that the paintjob lasts longer.

We can assure you that there will be no trace of the repairs when you will sit back behind the wheel of your vehicle.


For the car lover in every one of us, Europa also offers detailing services such as polishing, scratches repair and paintjob. Even if you have not been victim of a road accident, you can still use our dedicated technicians’ expertise to enhance the look of your top of line vehicle.

High-class car rental

When your car enters our workshop at Europa, you have the opportunity to rent a car while we perform the repairs. We have established a partnership with Enterprise Rent-a-Car, whose offering full on-site services. Our agent will book a vehicle on demand for you, to assure you a hassle-free experience: the car will be waiting for you at the shop at your arrival. If your insurance policy offers a replacement car, Enterprise will directly bill you insurance company. Because we know that you expect an equivalent vehicle, we will assure that your reserved rental car matches your own. This is just yet another illustration of how we strive to create the best possible customer experience while you entrust us your vehicle.

Towing Services

The Europa Experience

At the minute you will set foot at Europa Certified Collision Center, you will not feel the same experience as in any other bodyshop center. You will rather feel inside a high-end car dealership. Here, every client receives a special treatment in a unique environment that inspires confidence.

At Europa, our team works in collaboration with the dealership where you bought your vehicle for an optimal and integrated experience. You will only find here people paying focus to your car, as well as to your personal satisfaction, for the complete duration of the works.

Here is a guided tour of the full process through which your car will undergo from its arrival at the shop all the way to its delivery.

Arrival at Europa

When you get to Europa, you will drive your car inside the building via our drive-thru facility. From there, our staff will explain and guide you through every step of the reparation process. Our estimation expert will appraise your vehicle’s condition, and note every damage in your presence.

Our liaison officer will explain you what will be the next step, and will initiate communication with you insurance company. You will then be directed to our on-site trusted partner Enterprise Rent-a-Car to rent a replacement car. It will allow you to leave Europa behind the wheel of a rented vehicle that matches your own.

Vehicle protection

To ensure that we leave no trace of the reparation works, the first technician entering your vehicle installs protective covers on the inside. Because we are aware that some parts are fragile, we take protection measures. The steering wheel, the seats and the carpets are covered so that our technicians can work efficiently without damaging the interior of your vehicle.

This treatment aims to minimize traces left by reparation works in order to give back your vehicle in the best conditions.

Car wash

To promote transparency and estimation accuracy, we wash every car that gets into Europa’s workshop. This is an essential step, as thoroughly washing the car will reveal every damage, even the slightest one. Our estimate will then be even more accurate and this will reduce the duration of works.

Our team at Europa takes time to proceed in this step, because it helps us give you the best service possible. The estimation is more efficient and the reparation works go faster.


Depending on your situation, you may need the assistance of our certified estimation expert in order to perform the work estimate. In other cases, your car insurance company may already have performed the task. It often happens when the client prefers to be aware of the reparation costs before making the decision to undergo bodyshop repairs.

In any case, we know that after being involved in a road accident you will want to initiate the works as soon as possible. This is why our expert will take good care of you and your vehicle when you arrive at Europa.


This is vital step in the process, as our liaison officer will communicate the amount as well as all other relevant details, coordinating with both you and your insurance company. When all aspects are approved approved, our liaison officer will confirm everything with you so that the amount and the scope of work match your expectations.

As the work is in progress our officer will keep you informed upon the reception of the parts and any other significant developments. Again, we feel this is essential in order to make you feel totally satisfied with your experience at Europa.

Reparation works

As soon as you and your insurer approve the scope of works, our technicians will start the job on your vehicle. Depending on the nature of the damages, the vehicle will go through various reparation steps, which include dismantling, repairing and replacing parts. Then, our finishing technician will polish and wax the parts before the vehicle is sent back to the carwash.

The optimized working stations layout of our workshop provides risk minimizing and increased efficiency in every works. Like it is said in the last step, you will be informed of the work progress.

Detailing and finishing

Once we have repaired and/or replaced the damaged parts, we take the vehicle inside the paint shop. Our painter is specialized in color matching, so you can be reassured that the painting will not appear. When the paintjob is done, technicians take back the car for some detailing jobs, including washing your car inside out.

Paint, polishing compound and wax residues are all thoroughly cleaned from the inside and the outside of your vehicle, as well as dust resulting from sanding.


As soon as the detailing work is done and your car is washed once again, we take it back to our drive-thru facility. At this point, the workshop supervisor takes a rigorous look at the job performed on the vehicle. Only if and once it meets his high-demanding standards, our liaison officer will then inform you that your vehicle is ready. You will be invited to recover your vehicle and will simply bring back the rental car on site, again inside our drive-thru facility.

A staff member will welcome you and take you to your car to inspect the work performed. Finally, and only to the extent you are satisfied with our work, you will drive back home your vehicle with the peace of mind.

The Europa experience

  • 1. Arrival at Europa
  • 2. Vehicle protection
  • 3. Car wash
  • 4. Estimation
  • 5. Communication
  • 6. Reparation works
  • 7. Detailing and finishing
  • 8. Delivery